3 Facts About Slate Roofing You May Not Know

Slate roofs have been around for hundreds of years and in most cases they last for a hundred years but these aren’t the only things you may not know about slate. Here are our top 5 facts about this popular roofing material.

All slate tiles are unique
There is no such thing as an exact match with natural slate tiles. You can get them in similar colours, but slate is ultimately made in the natural world which means no slate is identical.

It’s more environmentally friendly than most roofing materials
Slate may be heavy and cost more to transport, but it can also last far longer than other types of roofing tile. In fact 10 times longer according to roofing experts, so replacing a slate roof is a once a century task or perhaps even longer than that. Buying reclaimed slate will make it even more environmentally friendly.

It’s fire resistant
In the past before slate roofs were used widely, roofs were often made of wood and other flammable materials which allowed buildings to catch fire on an all too regular basis. Slate, however is fire resistant. This might even reduce your home insurance.

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