3 home craft projects with leftover slate tiles

If you have a few extra slate tiles leftover at the end of your project, why not put them to good use with one of these creative craft projects.

Rather than seeing your leftover slate roof tilesgo to waste or sit in a corner gathering dust, get creative and turn them into something beautiful for your home or to give as a gift.

A quick search on Google or Pinterest will turn up hundreds of ideas, but we’ve put together a list of three of the simplest and most effective slate tile craft projects for you to try your hand at.

House number plaque                                     

Create a bespoke house number plaque for your home by drilling screw holes into a roof tile and then decorating. You can make the design as simple or as complicated as you wish. For a simple approach, buy metal or ceramic house numbers from a DIY store and affix using epoxy, or alternatively, use acrylic paints and a sealant to create your own design.


A trivet is likely to get plenty of use, so begin by using sandpaper to smooth all the edges of the tile. For a natural look, simply use an adhesive to stick cork tile to the bottom to prevent your new trivet from marking surfaces. If you’re feeling arty, paint a design onto your new trivet before finishing with varnish and sticking cork tile to the base.


To turn your slate roof tile into a stylish clock, you’ll need to buy a DIY clock kit, it’s easy to find one for cheap online. Next, you’ll need to drill a hole in your slate tile to put the clock’s hands through and use an adhesive to stick the battery pack on the back. Either leave the clock face plain or use paints to paint on numbers.

If you’ve done something creative with your leftover slate tiles, we’d love to hear about it! Show us your pictures over on Facebookor Twitter.

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