3 Signs It Is Time To Fix Your Flat Roof

Flat roofs can by their nature be problematic. While sloping roofs will allow rain and snow to run off, a flat roof will allow snow to settle and ice to form while any imperfections can allow rainwater to seep into the roof and cause damage.

Spotting the signs of damage however isn’t always easy, so we have put together some of the clearest signs your flat roof will need replacing.

You suspect a leak
Even if you are not an expert it is easy to spot when something isn’t right with your flat roof. If you spot any holes or discolouration of the ceiling, then these are signs of a leak and the roof should be replaced without further delay to avoid any more damage.

You roof is starting to look shabby
Over time a flat roof can show signs of wear and tear, particularly in areas exposed to frequent storms and cold weather in winter. If your flat roof looks like it is getting a bit worn then it is worth inspecting it more closely for damage that may result in a leak.

The top layers of the roof have worn away exposing layers underneath
A flat roof is installed with a vapour barrier and a protective layer on the surface to provide extra protection from the elements. These extra layers shouldn’t be exposed to the elements and are more a second line of defence which will inevitably be breached unless replaced.

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