3 Slate Roof Repair Myths

While roofs made from any material including slate can suffer damage there are a few myths to watch out for if you are ever approached by a rogue roofing contractor.

Your roof needs to be replaced because the nails have corroded

If someone advises you to replace an entire slate roof because nails have corroded or because copper nails were not used in the original construction get a second opinion. This is a common excuse used by roofing contractors who will want to replace your entire roof rather than just carry out a few minor repairs.

Slate roofs are obsolete
This couldn’t be further from the truth. Reclamation yards are full of reclaimed slate tiles and new slate are still be mined in many countries. There is a huge abundance of slate across the globe which will last for many years yet.

Slate roofing experts are hard to find
This may have an element of truth. All roofers are not slate roofing experts even if they say so. It is better to get someone recommended than run the risk of a roof being replaced unnecessarily. Good slate even if it has been on the roof for many years holds a lot of value and can sometimes be worth more than the material it is replaced with.

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