3 Summer Outdoor Maintenance Tips

Summer is finally in full swing and even though it’s a well known time for relaxing and hosting BBQ’s with your friends, it’s also the perfect time to perform some essential maintenance checks outside your home.

With the weather becoming warmer, it makes looking for maintenance issues outside a lot easier. If you are looking to host some parties this summer, we’ve put together a few hints and tips to help you make your home and garden look ship shape ready for your guests to arrive.

Care for your Trees

Your trees are probably looking beautiful and healthy after the spring season. To keep them growing healthy and strong, it’s important to know when and how to nurture them.

Pruning your trees promotes new, healthy growth of new leaves and shoots, making your tree look fuller and a lot more healthy. It also helps to reduce the damage done to your roof if your tree is hanging over onto it.

Remove any dead leaves and twigs that may have accumulated on your tiles to discourage mould and mildew building up on your tiles and making them look unslightly.

Clean the Gutters

Make sure that your drainage system is fully functioning by making sure that your gutters are cleaned out.

We’re willing to bet that you haven’t tended to your gutters in a while and you would be surprised at how much material can build up and block your roofs ability to drain. If they have been blocked for a while, it can potentially overflow and cause water damage to your roof, outer wall and the gutter can even come away from the wall and break if enough material has built up.

Inspect Your Roof

With the varying weather conditions that we have been experiencing lately, it’s a good idea to give your entire roof a once over while the weather is nice.

Even though slate roofing is extremely durable and can last a lifetime, it’s important to check every so often to make sure there are no cracked or missing tiles that could have happened as a result of the weather, especially if you have experienced rough, high winds in your area.

Identifying these early and rectifying the problem will ensure that the problem won’t get worse in later months when it is essential that your roof is fully intact to ensure your home stays warm and dry.

Make the most of the good weather that summer brings by performing some essential maintenance outside of your home. It is often neglected and forgotten about, but it is an important task to do to ensure that your house remains functional and safe to live in.

Here at All Slates, we are leading slate suppliers who recognise the importance for outdoor home maintenance, and we are on hand to provide a wide variety of slate tiles just in case you need to repair or replace any of your slate roof tiles this summer. Want to know more? Get in contact with our specialist team on 01829 262 600 and we will be happy to help with your enquiries.

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