3 Things to Know Before Installing a Slate Roof

Slate is a highly durable roofing material that will last more than a lifetime. Installing a slate roof, however, can be expensive so it is important to understand what type of slate should be used according to the type of roof you have.

With this in mind, here are three things you should know when installing a slate roof…

The pitch
The pitch of a roof relates to the angle of the roofs construction. The size of the slate should be suitable for the roof pitch and there should be a suitable amount of overlap when installing the slate to ensure it remains waterproof. The minimum allowable pitch for a slate roof is 20 degrees.

Slate roofing jargon
If you are not a roofer it is unlikely you will be familiar with all the jargon used in the trade. So some research will be necessary to understand what the different words associated with slate roofing mean so that you can gain a better understanding of what you need to buy and how much you need to spend on your project.

Roof battens and guage
It is very important to be aware how much space there is between your roof battens. This is referred to as the gauge and will usually determine what the overlap is with your chosen slate.

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