3 ways to make your roof eco-friendly

If you’re on a mission to live sustainably and make more environmentally friendly choices at home, then your roof is a great place to start.

Living sustainably is all about reducing waste and energy consumption to look after our planet.

Here are three great ideas for giving your roof an eco-friendly makeover.

Reclaimed slate tiles

Slate is a 100% natural material that requires little energy and no chemicals to extract and process. Slate is extremely tough, durable and long-lasting, meaning you will get many years of use out of your slate tiles. And once you’re done with them, they can be reclaimed and used again! Where possible, buying reclaimed slate tiles is the most environmentally friendly option.

Solar panels

Installing solar panels on the roof of your home can cut your carbon footprint by up to 80% in just one year! Producing solar energy requires zero fossil fuels, creates zero carbon emissions, and massively reduces the amount of energy you require from the Grid. It will also dramatically cut your energy bills, which is a nice little bonus!

Natural eco-friendly roof insulation

An insulated roof is an environmentally friendly roof. The less heat that escapes through your roof, the less energy it will require to heat your home to a comfortable temperature.

There are now plenty of eco-friendly insulation products on the market, most of which require little energy to produce and are made from recyclable, natural materials. Just a few of the green materials that can be used to insulate roofs include cork, hemp and cellulose.

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