Advice On Weather Proofing Your Roof and Home

Thankfully Hurricanes the strength of Irma are highly unlikely to hit the shores of the UK but that doesn’t mean homes are immune to damage from storms and gales.

Looking at the recent events in Florida and the Caribbean preparation is the key to salvaging the best outcomes when a storm hits and that includes preparing homes as well as they can be prepared to withstand the forces of nature.

Roofs are the most vulnerable area of our homes when it comes to winds so it is important particularly at this time of year to check for any broken, loose or missing tiles. Also look at flashing to ensure these are in a good state of repair. Water can easily begin to leak in if anything is dislodges during a storm.

Trees are another concern in stormy weather. During severe storms branches and even whole trees can come crashing down onto the roof and cause all sorts of damage. This increases the importance of protecting against external risks as well as structural ones.

When it comes to the repair of slate roofs, this needn’t be expensive if you purchase reclaimed slate tiles to replace any that are lost or damaged.

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