Are slate roof tiles the new plate?

An article in the Mirror has reported a huge surge in demand for slate roof tiles to be used as plates for serving up food.

If you like to eat out, you may be used to receiving your food in all manner of unexpected ways.

Many modern and trendy restaurants now look for unusual and creative ways of spicing up the presentation of their dishes, to a mixed reception.

In fact, website We Want Plates, is dedicated to showcasing some of the most weird and wonderful ‘plates’ served up around the world. Some our favourites include, ‘fish on a stick, on a mirror’ and the skateboard platter.

One of the less bizarre serving suggestions, however, is the humble slate roof tile.

The simple and stylish trend for serving food on a slate tile has been adopted by many restaurants and pubs and is now reported to be making its way into our homes too.

An article in the Mirror, has suggested that the high demand of slate roof tile tableware is adding to the industry’s slate tile shortage woes.

Philip Brooke, managing director of EBP Building Products in Blackburn, Lancashire even believes that the trend is causing some slate manufacturers to prioritise the homeware industry over the roofing industry.

He says: “There has been major growth in the use of natural slate for tableware place mats, which is more profitable and less problematic for quarries. That’s led to a re-focusing of priorities by some in China towards that particular market.

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