Beginners Guide to Buying Slate

We can’t get enough of slate. That’s the simple fact. It’s stunning, elegant and hardwearing. It captures the eye and brings a new level of class to a home.

You may have taken a step back from your house and inspected your roof recently. Have the pot tiles started to discolour? Are they making your house as uniformed as those surrounding you?

Perhaps all you need is a little change, but how do you go about searching for the best slate for you?

Step One- Decide on your slate

The very first step is to find the type of slate you want. You may be surprised to find that slate comes in an array of colours, styles and textures. Black, blue, purple and green hues adorn their surfaces adding an mystical, classical look to any house, no matter where you live!

We have a number of quality slate you can rely on to give you the optimum protection and aesthetically look you’re after. Our range includes;

  • The delicate green tinted Westmorland Green Slate from the heart of Cumbria,
  • The multi-toned oriental Chinese Slate,
  • The stormy Burlington Slate for the striking Cumbrian mountains, perfect for a traditional home,
  • and the eye-catching Welsh Tonner Slate from the rich Welsh countryside.

All of our slate is delivered to us from respected, reputable suppliers to ensure only the best slate if brought directly for your use.

Step Two – Decide how you buy

With the internet sprouting Easy-To-Buy websites with Catch-Them-If-You-Can offers and deals, it can sometimes be a little confusing when it comes to buying your slate. Do you buy over the internet, relying on images and written descriptions, or do you travel to the store and see your slate for yourselves.?

A lot of people tend to opt for the virtual method of buying their slate roof tiles. It’s quick and simple yet can come with some devastating consequences. Not being able to speak to your supplier, or see their slate for yourself can leave you in the dark as to what you’re buying. You don’t want your slate to turn up cracked and out of shape, or with a completely different colour pigmentation than the pictures depicted after all.

Seeing your slate in store is a far better way of ensuring you get exactly what you’re looking for. Here at All Slate we ensure you get to personally see all of the slate we have on offer at our store!

Step Three- Think about reclaimed slate

You can also think about whether you want straight from the mountain side slate, or reclaimed slate. Our reclaimed roofing slate offers the same great quality and aesthetically appearance as our suppliers slates, the only difference is the cost efficiency!

If you’d like some help finding the perfect slate for your home, don’t hesitate to call us on 01829 262600 and a member of our friendly team will be happy to help!

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