BS 5534:2014 The Main British Standard To Be Aware Of In Roofing

If you are planning a large scale roofing project, then an awareness of current British Standards is a must to ensure that quality standards are adhered to.

This is easy to say of course when there are 27,000 British Standards that are spread over various industries. Fortunately, British Standards that apply to roofing make up only a tiny proportion. Some relate to on site working practices while others are specifically for roofing projects.

The main British Standard to be most aware of is BS 5534:2014 Slating and tiling for pitched roofs and vertical cladding code of practice. This not only covers the fitting of slate tiles but also shingles and most other types of roof tiles and their relative performance. The standard also applies to fixtures and accessories that are applied to pitched roofs.

BS 5534:2014 has recently been reviewed and two new amendments have been made to the document which has been compulsory since 2015. These amendments have been aimed at improving the durability of roofing as well as weather resistance in the case of new roofs.

The new amendments to BS 5534:2014 are due to form part of NHBC’s technical standards document in 2019.

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