Clay tiles vs concrete tiles: What are the key differences?

Replacing your roof tiles can be an expensive job, so it’s important to make sure you choose the right material.

If you’re renovating your roof and can’t decide between clay or concrete roof tiles, we’ve put together some information about the key differences between the two to help you make up your mind.

Concrete and clay tiles are both created in moulds at high temperatures. Concrete tiles are made from a mixture of cement, sand and water, whilst clay is a naturally occurring substance.


Concrete tiles are naturally grey but can be produced in many different colours to match the appearance of other existing tiles or materials.

Clay tiles come in a variety of rich and attractive natural shades but are traditionally a vibrant terracotta colour.

Sometimes, planning constraints will require clay tiles are used to retain a building or area’s appearance or for historical authenticity.

Whilst clay tiles are naturally beautiful, they aren’t available in as many different colours, shapes or textures as concrete tiles.


Clay tiles are slightly more prone to cracking or shattering than concrete tiles, particularly in very cold climates. However, they do tend to look better for longer as they are not prone to fading, unlike concrete tiles which can become dull or faded over time.

In general, both options have excellent longevity and can be expected to last a very long time, usually at least 50-60 years.


Concrete tiles can be significantly heavier than clay tiles, which may mean that you need to reinforce your roof to support them. They also absorb double as much water as clay tiles, which will put additional pressure on the roof.


If you’re on a budget, concrete tiles are generally around 20-25% cheaper than clay tiles. However, bear in mind that clay tiles can add more value to your property.

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