Cool Roofing Materials Create More Air Pollution Study Finds

If you’re considering a slate roof or you already have a slate roof, you can rest easy as a recent study described as ‘ground breaking’ finds that cool roofing materials can trigger an increase in atmospheric pollutants particularly when the use is widespread.

While protection against heatwaves is not really required here in the UK, the study may lead to a rethink in how other companies incorporate cool roofing materials to combat heat in cities.

The study found that certain cool roof materials can bring a small increase ozone levels and fine particulate pollution. The study recommended that these effects can be reduced by setting in place more rigid performance requirements although even this may not help eliminate the problem entirely.

While cool roofs are highly effective in reducing energy consumption and improving the health of occupants, these new findings will mean a balance needs to be created between these positive benefits and the side effects of pollution.

Unlike dark roofing materials such as slate, cool roofs are generally made from lighter more reflective materials. When these are used widely in cities they reduce the heat island effect of urban areas having higher temperatures than rural areas that are less built up.

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