Could a tree damage my roof?

Having a tree just outside of your home can be wonderful, providing it is not causing damage to your roof.

Opening your curtains each morning to the sight of a tree in your front or back garden is a desirable and relaxing way to start each day. Trees are great for attracting birds and wildlife to the garden and providing a source of shade in the summer.

If your tree is very close your home though, you should assess whether it is having an impact on the condition of your roof or causing any damage.

Potential dangers of having a tree too close to your property include:

Damage from falling branches – If a tree is positioned very close to your home, then there is the risk that overhanging or falling branches could damage your roof. Damage caused by tree branches can leave your roof vulnerable to the elements.

Moss growing in the shade – If a tree is casting shade onto your roof then it’s likely to be damp and cool, the perfect conditions for moss to grow. Over time, constant damp conditions and a layer of moss can cause damage and deterioration of your shingles, potentially letting moisture into your roof.

Debris gathering on the roof – Trees are constantly shedding leaves, blossom, seeds, twigs and branches. If the tree is close to your home, then a lot of this debris is likely to end up on your roof. Like with moss, a constant blanket of debris will damage your roof over time.

Clogged gutters – As well as sitting on your roof, debris tends to gather in roof gutters, causing a blockage if it’s not removed regularly. A blocked gutter can cause water to overflow onto the roof and leak into your home.

If you do have a tree very close to your property, we recommend cutting back any branches that are within 8 feet of your property to minimise the risk of damage to your roof.

You should also take extra care to have debris cleared from your roof and gutters on a regular basis.

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