Do I need Building Regulations approval to re-roof my home?

Whilst you will not usually require planning permission to re-roof your home, you probably will need to apply for Building Regulations approval.

If your property’s roof cannot be repaired or restored, then you will need to have the whole roof replaced.

Prior to 5th April 2006, Building Regulations approval was only required if you were changing the material of your roof covering. This was to ensure that your roof’s structure could safely cope with the weight of the new roofing material.

Since 5th April 2006, most new roofs are required to apply for Building Regulations approval, even if it is a like for like replacement that is being installed.

These stricter regulations were bought into place to ensure that all new roofs are well insulated and adhere to new energy efficiency standards to help meet national energy targets.

Building Regulations may require you to increase your roof’s thermal insulation at the same time as replacing your roof.

Building Regulations for re-roofing

To comply with Building Regulations your new roof will need to:

  • Be structurally sound and able to support the weight of the new roof.
  • Have adequate ventilation.
  • Have adequate drainage.
  • Have adequate insulation.
  • Be weather and fire resistant.

Building Regulations approval should be applied for before any work is carried out on the roof. The Council will then visit and inspect your property both prior to and after the job has been finished to approve the work.

You can apply for Building Regulations approval online via the Planning Portal website.

To find out more about the roof demolition service that we provide here at All Slates or for more information about the reclaimed roof tiles and slates that we stock, give our team a call on 01829 262 600.

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