Do I need to replace the roof insulation…

…when repairing or replacing my roof?

If you are carrying out significant repairs or changes to your roof, building regulations may require you to replace the roof’s insulation.

Your home’s roof is vital for protecting its structural integrity and the contents of your home, so it’s important to keep it in good condition. Replacing your roof is a big and expensive job, but it can add real value and comfort to your home.

According to the Planning Portal website, your roof is defined as a thermal element and so any significant work to it should include the improvement of its thermal insulation.

Ensuring that your property’s thermal insulation is up to scratch will help to you to save money on your energy bills as well as looking after our environment.

Whether or not you are required to replace your roof’s insulation will depend on the extent of the work being carried out.

Work to an existing roof

If you are carrying out repairs on less than 25% of your roof, then you will not usually be required to seek approval from building regulations for the work and so will not have to replace the insulation.

However, if you are repairing more than 25% of your roof then you will usually be required to apply for building regulations approval and make improvements to your roof’s insulation at the same time.

Replacement roof

If you plan to have your whole roof replaced, then you will usually be required to seek building regulations approval to ensure that your new roof is safe and structurally stable.

Building regulations will also check that the new roof meets energy efficiency requirements, often requiring you to upgrade the roof’s insulation.

You can find out more about the energy efficiency requirements for roofs on the Planning Portal website here.

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