Does the Thickness Of Slate My Any Difference to its Durability?

Slate, being a natural material, will vary in many ways although there are standards to conform to in the production of slate tiles for buildings.

Slate is made up of layers of sediment over billions of years and this allows it to be split and cut to size according to how much profit the quarry owner wishes to make from the material. This leads to the inevitable question of whether slate can be cut too thin for the purpose it is intended for and will it impact on long term durability.

The answer to this is it depends on the slate. Some slate can be cut thicker but if it is of inferior overall quality, it may actually prove to be weaker than thinner slate of superior quality. So how robust your slate is going to be depends on its composition more than how thick it is.

Slates are regularly tested to ensure they have sufficient strength for their purpose and every quarry needs to pass these tests to ensure they reach a certain standard.

With reclaimed slate of course, some older examples may not have been tested according to this standard but they will have been tested over many years on rooftop and if they still remain intact this can be a good indication of their strength.

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