Does Your Church Have a Leaky Roof?

…Then You Could Be Entitled To Government Help

In an effort to help Church owners keep places of worship in a good state of repair, the government is committing millions of pounds worth of funding to roof repair projects. Many churches are already benefiting from their share of the Listed Places of Worship Roof Repair Fund.

With ancient church roofs particularly vulnerable to damage compared to more modern buildings, any help with the costs of repair will come as welcome news for many churches up and down the country. Churches have previously relied on donations to ensure that buildings are kept in a good state of repair.

Roofing materials such as slate and lead can be particularly expensive to replace and there are often reports that much of the damage to roofs takes place when these materials are stolen by thieves.

£2.3m of government funding has been allocated this year for roof repairs with a total of £22.9m to be shared amongst 401 historic places of worship across the UK.

Some of these building date back more than 1,000 years, therefore the government is evidently making an effort to ensure that these buildings, which are not only provide places of worship, but also make a significant contribution to local heritage are preserved for future generations.

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