‘Goin Loco’ down in, er, well Horwich actually…..

The site of one of the largest ever regeneration schemes in the North of England, Horwich Loco Works, has been witness to one of All Slates’ greatest challenges.

Jimmy Mitchell, on-site Director of All Slates said:

“We are salvage experts with a speciality in Welsh Slates and as such we are both equipped and ready for any challenge in order to get the job done properly”

Jimmy went on to say:

“On site health and safety is of paramount importance to us at All Slates and with no two jobs being alike we have to be ready for all challenges. The Horwich Loco job presented us with many things to overcome, not least of which, the un-even nature of the floor in the whole area”.

The Horwich Loco site provided salvage for All Saltes that included 22 x 12’s and 24 x 12’s Welsh reclaimed slates.

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