Has Your Roof Suffered Storm Damage?

This winter has been one of the stormiest on record and with the jet stream sinking low enough over the UK to bring the threat of plenty more storms to come, how do you deal with the potential damage to your roof? Here are some tips…

A roof can quite happily last for many years on a house without suffering any visible signs of damage but storms are its biggest enemy. The combination of high winds that can weaken the structure followed by persistent bouts of heavy rain can bring significant damage either during a storm or over a period of time.

One of the first thing to look for of is any material that may have found its way onto the floor around your house. Broken tiles should be easy to spot because they are likely to break into several pieces and you will probably hear them hitting the ground unless the storm is particularly fierce.

Inside the home you should look for any signs of water leaks, particularly in the attic. Make sure you have a good torch handy and take care while walking on boards so that you don’t end up falling through the ceiling while doing your inspection.

It is not advisable to go and climb a ladder to try and inspect the roof and definitely not in even moderately windy weather. If you have found evidence of damage, it is best to call a roofing company who will be able to carry out a professional repair. If the damage is significant you may need to claim on your insurance to pay for the work.

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