High Winds and Roofs

High winds and roofs have never been an ideal mix and little has changed even today. Whether you have a slate, concrete or ridge tiled roof, high winds have the potential to cause damage.

The latter part of this year has already seen its fair share of storms the most recent being storm Diana which saw high winds batter most of England and Wales. While these storms are not anywhere near the sustained wind speed of the hurricanes that cross the Atlantic, they can still pack a punch and expose any weaknesses in your roof.

If your roof is regularly inspected then you shouldn’t have to worry too much but when it comes to the weather, mother nature can be unpredictable and you can never be 100% sure the next storm isn’t going to cause damage to your roof.

In the vast majority of cases of roof damage, it’s usually the odd tile that get blown loose, therefore the cost of repair work is unlikely to be high as long as you can get someone to repair the damage and source your materials cheaply.

One of the best ways to source slate or ridge tiles is at a specialist reclamation yard where you will have plenty of choice. This will give you a better chance of finding roof tiles to match.

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