Homebuyers Beware Of Hidden Roof Issues

Buying a new home is an exciting process from the process of looking at potential properties to finally finding the right one. Finding the property, however, is where the hard work begins and it starts with having a careful assessment done to identify any potential issues such as a leaky or damaged roof.

An inspection of a property you are about to purchase is compulsory so that the banks will be happy to lend you the money to purchase. The most basic inspection is the valuation report which simply assesses the property value based on a quick inspection.

The next level is a homebuyers report/survey which goes further in identifying obvious issues such as roof damage, damp and so on. A full structural survey which is considerably more expensive is usually done on properties over 50 years old or that have unusual features such as thatched roofs.

If you are considering purchasing a property that isn’t a new build then a valuation report may not necessarily cover you for any nasty surprises so it is advisable to have a homebuyers survey carried out.

Even if the survey brings bad news, you can always use any of the defects identified to negotiate a lower price. If for example the roof needs repairing you can save the cost of the repair which will more than pay for the extra money spent on getting a more comprehensive survey done on the property.

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