How Green is Your Roof?

You will no doubt have landed on this website hunting from reclaimed slate tiles and this is a very good place to start of you want to reduce your carbon footprint while replacing or building a new roof. But what makes a roof truly green? The answer is not as simple and straightforward as it sounds.

When we think of green we tend to associate it with nature and organic material that can easily be recycled and doesn’t have any negative impact on the environment. This has been one of the key drivers of all the green or ‘living’ roofs that have been popping up around the country in recent years.

Of course one of the big advantages of a living roof is the being able to give a bit back to nature. They can also be quite attractive when filled with wildflowers in full bloom. This also provides ideal habitats for bees insects and other wildlife.

Of course not everything is rosy when it comes to living roofs. To be effective, they need to be fitted correctly. A poorly constructed living roof can end up losing all of its environmental benefits. A green roof can also look uglier in comparison to a normal roof, so if curb appeal is important, it might be wise to consider if a green roof is really the best option.

If a green roof isn’t for you then you could always go for the durability of reclaimed slate. Slate can last for more than 100 years, which means zero cost in terms of transportation and fuel once the slate is delivered and if it’s recycled you will be using what is already in existence, erasing any environmental impact from tile manufacturing.

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