How Long Can You Expect A Roof To Last?

The lifespan of a roof can be affected by a number of variables from the materials used to how well it is maintained and the conditions it is exposed to.

Opting for a slate roof of course means your roof will be constructed with one of the most durable and hard wearing materials available. You can expect a hard slate roof to last from between 75 and 200 years, which is far longer than you will need to be worried about in a lifetime!

Other materials of course last nowhere near as long even if the upfront cost appears to be far less. The lifespan of concrete tiles for example can be expected to last for up to 50 years with asphalt shingle significantly less at just 18 years.

Did you know that even the colour of your roof can have an impact on its longevity? Darker roofs absorb more heat from the sun which in turns shortens their lifespan.

Other issues that can impact on the lifespan of a roof include attempting to install a new roof over an existing roof or failing to remove older material when replacing a roof.

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