How Long Should Roofing Felt Last?

This will be the question on many people’s minds when they are thinking about installing or replacing a felt roof.

Felt roofs have a bit of a reputation for leaks particularly when it comes to flat felt roofs, but this reputation was gained many years ago when manufacturing processes and materials were not up to the same standards of durability seen today.

Various materials can be used in the manufacture of felt roofs despite the name including various fibres that are coated with bitumen, then covered with a layer of gravel. Traditional methods produce a felt roof that would be guaranteed for around 10 years.

The lifespan of a felt roof can be greatly reduced if the protective gravel is lost and the elements begin to penetrate the material underneath. This will eventually lead to cracks in the material and then leaks in poor quality felt roof.

Fortunately today, there are better felt roofing materials and if it is installed correctly with a good quality upvc membrane then some companies are prepared to offer a lifetime guarantee.

If you are interested in purchasing felt roofing or replacing your existing felt roof, we have a wide selection of roofing materials available including felt and slate.

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