How Reclaimed Slates Can Help With Church Roof Repairs

Despite many churches around the country being left to go into a state of decline or converted into homes and even nightclubs, churches continue to represent the heart of the community in many towns and villages. Unfortunately, due to age and the materials used in their construction it is a constant battle for many churches to maintain their viability.

On top of this churches face an existential crisis. According to the UK Census, the number of Christians has fallen by 5.3 million between 2001 and 2011. At the current rate of decline Anglicanism is set to disappear altogether by 2033.

When this is translated into lower attendances of churches, the donation of funds needed to maintain churches will naturally decline with those attendances. Repairs to churches account for more than £200 million annually with the Grade 1 listed status of many churches contributing to the high cost.

While having a Grade 1 status helps protect churches and preserve the character of local areas it only adds to the difficulties in raising the funds needed for the kind of high materials most churches are constructed from.

Church roofs are a particular problem area and one of the first to show signs of serious wear and tear. A typical church roof will often require slate and skilled roofing contractors to carry out repairs. Fortunately, a significant amount of money can be saved by using reclaimed slate. By reducing the cost of materials used in repairs, churches can hopefully be preserved for future generations.

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