How Slate Offers A Better Roofing Finish

If you are adding a new roof as part of a self-build or larger residential property development, then you will be mindful of just how important it is to the overall aesthetic of the property.

Roofing is undoubtedly a skill that comes with some specific challenges. A roofing contractor can often be blamed when anything goes wrong so much so that recent studies into the industry have revealed that they are more often than not blamed for any failings.

Of course there will be bad roofers out there as with any trade but problems are more often than not related to appearance rather than workmanship itself which only represents 25-30% of roofing issues.

When it comes to aesthetics the most common issues relate to detailing and coordination between the different tradespeople involved. While these are not going to cause major problems such as leaks, the appearance of a property is equally important to most people and depending on the size of the roof, it can make up 40% of what you see in a property with a pitched roof.

Natural slate is only used in around 20% of properties compared to concrete tiles which make up 60%. Often with concrete tiles there are problems with variation in colour which can have a negative impact on the appearance of a roof.

The advantage of using slate, however, is that there is already a natural variance in the appearance of slate making it easier to mix and match and lose nothing in terms of appearance.

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