How to assess the environmental impact of different

Use eco-friendly materials when building or repairing your roof to help look after our planet and fight climate change.

There are many different factors that should be considered when assessing how environmentally-friendly different roofing materials are.

Here are some of the key questions you should ask yourself when searching for an eco-friendly building material.

How are the materials extracted or manufactured?

If the product is made using natural materials, then it’s important to look at how these materials are extracted, whether any natural resources are being depleted and any other negative effects the process has on the environment. Next, the manufacturing process should be examined, considering how much energy it requires, what carbon emissions are produced, and any harmful substances it creates.

How are the materials and finished products transported?

Generally, products made locally using locally-sourced materials are eco-friendlier as little transportation is required. Moving very large or heavy materials or products over many miles will consume more energy and produce more emissions.

What is the longevity of the finished product?

The longer a product lasts, the less energy will be required for manufacturing and transporting replacement products.

Can the finished product be recycled or reused?

Eco-friendly materials can be recycled or reused. Products that end up going to the landfill at the end of their lifespan are not good for the environment.

Does the material insulate?

When it comes to roofing materials, those that have insulting properties will help to prevent the loss of heat and improve the energy-efficiency of the building to reduce its carbon footprint.

At All Slates we recommend our durable and long-lasting reclaimed slate roof tiles as an eco-friendly choice for building or repairing a roof.

For more information about our reclaimed slate tiles, or to discuss your requirements in more detail, give our team a call on 01829 262 600.

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