How To Avoid A Winter Roofing Calamity

With Christmas on the way, the last thing you need is problems with your roof, which means it’s a good idea to check your property so that any harsh weather we might experience this month doesn’t turn the festive season into a calamity.

The first place to start in any winter home health check is the roof. The roof will take the majority of the strain from strong winds, ice and snow and it’s a pretty sure bet we’ll get all three this winter.

The first thing to do is look for any cracked or broken tiles. If you have slate tiles then any broken ones can be replaced with reclaimed tiles to keep costs down but be sure to use the services of a roofer to install them. Getting up on the roof in winter can be even more dangerous than at other times of the year and weather must be suitably calm to attempt any work of this nature.

If you have a chimney pot, then it is worth checking for damage and if it is not in use, consider fitting ventilated cowls.

Looking inside the loft space can reveal any holes that might have appeared and gone unnoticed and while you are up there it is also wise to check that the insulation is in good condition but do not over insulate as that can be just as bad if this causes tanks and pipes in the loft to freeze as a result.

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