How to waterproof your roof

Your roof is one of your first lines of defence against the elements, so make sure that it is waterproof to prevent dampness leaking into your home.

Without proper care and maintenance, you may find that your roof begins to let in moisture, causing dampness and threatening to damage your home’s structural integrity.

There are several routes that water can take to seep into your home through your roof. Use the tips in this blog to protect vulnerable areas and waterproof your home’s roof.

Use slate tiles – When waterproofing your roof, an excellent starting point is to build it with a naturally waterproof material like slate.

Repair and maintain tiles – Missing or damaged roof tiles allow water to seep in through gaps or cracks, putting your home’s structure at risk of damp, rot, and serious water damage. It’s important to fix or replace damaged or missing tiles as soon as you notice them.

Roof tile sealer – Not all tiled roofs will require sealing, but if you’re having problems with damp and leaks then using a roof tile sealant may help. Sealing your tiles can stop rainwater from damaging them, protect from hairline cracks, and reinforce your roof.

Flashing – Aside from your tiles, your flashing is the most important aspect of waterproofing your roof. Flashing is available in a variety of materials including copper, steel and aluminium, but lead flashing is the most durable and long-lasting.

Maintain gutters – Clogged gutters are a major danger to your roof. If debris blocks your gutter it may cause water to flood out of it onto your roof, which can cause damage and internal leaks.

Insulate your roof – Most roof insulation systems either use a waterproof material or include the installation of a waterproof membrane, giving your roof an extra layer of protection against moisture.

If your old or damaged roof tiles need replacing, here at All Slates we stock a comprehensive range of slate tiles including reclaimed slateand Chinese slate.

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