How Winter Can Impact On Your Roof

With winter soon to be upon us, it is important to prepare for the impact any severe weather may have on your roof particularly in older properties.

If for example you have spotted loose or missing tiles, damaged flashing or holes in your roof, now is definitely the time to fix these problems to avoid leaks and further damage occurring, which can be very costly.

You can pretty much guarantee at least one winter storm here in the UK in the form of hail, snow and in recent years strong winds and torrential rain.

If you haven’t checked for any damage or it is difficult to see where these problems are lurking in your roof structure then your roof will be left pretty much at the mercy of the elements. Unlike your garden features and other things stored outside for the winter, you can’t really protect a roof from anything it might be exposed to plus it will have to bear the brunt of snow and anything else the weather throws at it.

The best defence in these cases is to inspect the roof using a pair of binoculars or if you have particular concerns, a roofing specialist should be to help.

When it comes to replacing slate tiles you can always source these cheaply from reclamation yards.

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