Is It Worth Getting A New Roof?

With an abundance of reclaimed slate and other cheaper roofing materials to consider, getting a new roof might not be as expensive as you thought and it will bring several benefits that will almost certainly cover the cost.

Getting a new roof is not something most homeowners think about in the same way as perhaps getting a new kitchen. A roof is something nobody takes much notice of unless it springs a leak and all too often this is exactly what happens when a roof suffers the kind of damage that removes protective materials.

So if you find that your roof has seen better days and it is showing signs of wear, then yes it probably is a good idea to start thinking about a new roof. Not least because it will make your house look attractive as well as insulate your home against the harshest of weather conditions here in the UK.

Besides this there are other benefits to getting a new roof that are less apparent. The increased thermal insulation you get from a new roof will lead to savings on energy bills and if your roof is fitted by a professional, you should be able to look forward to many years of not having to worry about tiles falling off and other maintenance issues.

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