Is Slate Roofing Suitable My Modern Home?

A common misconception about slate roofing is that it can only be used in period properties. This couldn’t be further from the truth. A good quality slate roof will not only enhance the look of a property, it also offers unrivalled durability and value for money as a roofing material.

As we all become more conscious about our levels of consumption and how this impacts on the planet, using or indeed re-using traditional building materials is now much more common. Reclamation yards around the country are full of materials that have been reclaimed from demolition sites. These materials are often of superior quality to those available today and most importantly it takes no new energy to produce or extract these materials from the environment. Reclaimed slate is one such material.

For one-off self-building projects, opting for reclaimed slate will not only create a beautiful low maintenance roof but one that ultimately turns out to be low maintenance for a life time unlike other cheaper materials such as concrete roof tiles which can come loose over time and need replacing.

If you require slate tiles for your roofing project we have a wide selection of reclaimed slate available at low prices.

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