The big 100,000 – Linotype Works 1897

After All Slates were approached by Nick Brookes demolition earlier this year to remove the slate roofing from the Linotype works in Altrincham we couldn’t turn the offer down – it’s an impressive job!

This job not only involves removing over 100,000 welsh blue slates, a grade 2 listed building but also a lot of history since 1897!

The Linotype and Machinery Company opened a factory in Broadheath in 1897. At the height of its success, the firm employed more than 10,000 people to make typesetting machines for the national newspaper industry. Between 1897 and 1901 the Linotype Company built 185 houses for its employees and provided two football grounds, four tennis courts, two bowling greens, a cricket ground, a playground for children and allotments.

After all the slate is removed and the infamous building is demolished there is talk that the land will be used for a new housing development in the future, in the meantime All Slates have over 100,000 welsh blue slates available to buy from the yard in Tarvin, Chester.

For more information on this job or if you are interested in having a slate roof removed please contact us on 01829 262 600 or

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