Points to keep in Mind When Choosing Roof Tiles

Roof tiles come in many shapes, sizes and materials but choosing the best one usually isn’t just a matter of choosing the one that looks best. The best roof tile not only has to look good, it must also be suitable for the project, house style and location. Aside from the more obvious considerations such as local planning and building regulations here are some tips on choosing suitable materials.

Slate Tiles
If your aim is to build a roof to last there is nothing to rival slate for longevity. Also aesthetic appeal is another consideration, slate tiles simply look a lot better than alternatives and if any break you can always buy replacements to match from a reclamation yard.

Clay tiles
You might think that clay is not the most robust material to use on a roof, but if you buy quality clay tiles they can last significantly longer than other cheaper materials. Clay tiles are made to be weather proof and resistant to frost.

Concrete tiles
These are often cheaper than clay and certainly a lot cheaper than slate. While they are unlikely to last a hundred years they are still fairly low maintenance as well as being fire resistant.

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