Possible Cause Of Penetrating Damp…

…Coming In From The Upstairs Roof Or Ceiling

Damp coming from the roof can happen for all sorts of reasons, but the most common issues are linked either to your roof tiles or flashing. Here are some ways to spot if you have these problems.

Defective or broken tiles will allow rainwater to penetrate your roof causing all sorts of damage over time if the problem isn’t fixed. What you will find with this sort of problem is damp patches appearing on the ceiling. The problem will be particularly evident during spells of heavy rain.

Repairing broken roof tiles should be a fairly simple process and you will probably also need to replace any damaged roof felt to ensure the repairs are done properly.

If broken tiles aren’t the culprit, then inspect the flashing which you will find around the chimney stack or at the junction between a lean-to extension and the main house.

Again with leaks in this are you may notice a damp patch on or around the chimney breast or if you have a lean-to extension it will be in the area where it joins the house. Flashing may simply have come loose or if it is broken, then it will need to be replaced.

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