Re-covering Your Roof…

…Doesn’t Necessarily Mean Replacing All Your Tiles

Roofs are generally not a high maintenance area of the home unless they have become worn with the passing of time. When this wear and tear starts to regularly eat into your household repairs budget, it is often more cost effective in the long term to re-cover the roof.

This is because patch repairs are usually only good for a limited amount of time and you can soon end up regularly hiring people to come out and do small repairs and these costs can add up.
Re-covering your roof might not necessarily mean replacing all the material. If the material is sound and in good condition, it can often be re-used particularly if tiles are made from good quality materials such as slate.

Often the parts of the roof to go first are the fixings and flashings. Roof tiles can simply be re-used and replaced in these cases.

Where tiles are broken you may be able to source similar tiles from reclamation yards and reclaimed tile suppliers. This will also be a good option if you need to retain the character of the property.

If you are planning on carrying out any work on your roof it is best done by a professional.

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