Roof Repairs – Did You Know An App Has Been Invented For That?

There’s an app for pretty much everything these days if you search hard enough, but how can an app deal with the complexities of quoting for a roof in need of repair without anyone actually going out and visiting a property?

Two companies – one based in the United States and the other in Canada have produced apps for doing just that. The apps have the potential to change the face of the roofing industry if enough people become aware of them and the idea is exported to other countries.

The apps use existing technology from Google earth to view houses from above and then give estimates as to the cost of repairs. The app even helps users identify and connect to contractors who will come out and do the work.

The apps called Roofr and Viirt allow homeowners to draw outlines around their roof using a tool on the company website along with a choice of gradient. The measurements for the roof are then calculated using an algorithm and an estimate is sent on to a potential customer for free.

Viirt has been so successful it has already attracted $900,000 in venture capital investment.

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