Roofing Market Grows According To Latest Figures

The UK’s more buoyant housing market has perhaps not surprisingly resulted in significant growth in the roofing market.

The roofing market as a whole grew an estimated 4.5% according to the latest figures released by market analysts. After a period where the market was in decline in 2012 and only recorded a modest increase in demand in 2013, the figures for 2014 are encouraging and as the housing market continues to recover, more good news is likely for 2015 when information becomes available.

One of the key drivers for demand has been a shift to more houses being built. Flats, which dominated development in the 2000s naturally require less roof tiles than houses and the renewed focus on houses has meant that demand has outpaced supply for roof tiles.

The first time buyer schemes such as Help To Buy have also helped raise affordability in the housing sector meaning more people have been able to afford houses than was the case in the past decade when house prices rose considerably.

Concrete roof tiles were the largest sub-sector in terms of value and volume with clay roof tiles just behind. Natural slate roof tiles on the other hand continued to occupy a relatively small niche with most volume developers likely to opt for cheaper materials.

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