Roofs Increasingly Not The Only Place For Slate In Architecture

Talk about slate and most people will assume you’re talking about the material that has been used on roofs all around the country for hundreds of years. Slate has been used on the roofs of castles, churches and then homes as it became easier to extract the material from the ground in sufficient bulk to make it affordable.

More recently there has been a trend towards slate being used in new and innovative ways in architectural projects that are ground breaking and awe inspiring in their scale. Slate is now often used in the construction of walls as well as roofs with the Wales Millennium Centre in Cardiff being one of the most famous examples.

The fact that the exterior of the £106 million building uses predominantly waste slate in its construction proves that even in the harsh weather conditions experienced on the coast of South Wales, slate was seen as the best material to use for the project.

Slate is not only fireproof, it can withstand extremes of weather and last for between 100 and 150 years making it one of the best materials around.

If you are looking for reclaimed Welsh slate for your building project contact us today to see what we have available.

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