Rooftop Snow Removal Dos & Don’ts

With snow coming around the corner, most roofs are designed to handle high levels of snow, but there’s always a possibility of structural damage. When snow starts to build up, it gets heavy and can have an impact. We have seen that large & flat roofs are at a greater risk of this damage as well.

More often then not it’s safest to hire a professional but here are some Do & Don’t guidelines if you are to rid the snow yourself.


– Purchase a snow rake if you have a pitched roof to remove snow off your roof.
– With your snow rake, always work from the sides & edge into the roof.
– If you are using any metal tools realize that it could conduce electricity if you make contact with a power line and a metal tool will also do more damage to a roof.
– If you are removing snow from a flat roof, be sure to shovel the snow over the side and away from the building
– During the entire process, keep your gutters, drains & downspouts free of any ice and snow.


– Don’t use ladder since ice can build up on the steps of the ladder and on the bottom of your shoes.
– Don’t use open flame devices or electrical heating devices to remove snow and ice from your roof.

Snow doesn’t always build up in some areas of the UK however if it was to happen, be prepared and follow the instructions carefully!

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