Should I opt For Concrete or Clay Tiles?

If you are replacing your roof or building a roof from scratch then you may be lucky enough to be able to choose the material you want but this presents its own problems. Two of the more common tiles you see on roofs today are clay and concrete but which is the best one to go with if your property is in the UK?

The obvious choice for most people is to go with concrete roof tiles but that is not to say concrete roof tiles are for everyone. Clay tiles undoubtedly look better and if you are a self-builder looking to make an impression with your property then you may opt for clay over concrete because it will look better.

In southern England you may not even have the option to use concrete if the local vernacular demand that you use clay tiles. When it comes to price, clay tiles are obviously going to cost more than concrete simply because the material is more expensive. This goes some way to explaining why concrete tiles are found on the roofs of most housing developments where budgeting is important.

When it comes to longevity the durability of clay and concrete is pretty good and both materials will comfortably copy with British extremes of weather.

Some roofing experts say clay tiles will have a longer lifespan than concrete tiles which are expected to last for 50 years while others consider the lifespans broadly comparable. Longevity may have something to do clay tiles being better made than concrete.

Clay tiles also age better than concrete – the colour of the latter tends to fade badly with age.

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