Should I Use Slate as a Flooring Material?

It must be pretty obvious by now how much we love slate here at All Slates. It is an extremely versatile and adaptable material which has a wide range of uses; from roofing tiles to attractive garden paths.

In the past, we’ve covered many different outdoor uses of slate, but did you know that slate can be used indoors too?

Slate flooring is a great addition to any home, and we’re going to tell you why!

Extremely Durable

Everyone knows that slate is durable; why would it be used for roofing if it wasn’t able to withstand the erratic weather conditions?

One common issue that many people have with other flooring solutions is that they just can’t deal with the amount of use that they are subjected to, especially in the busier rooms such as the kitchen and bathroom.

Slate’s durability is extremely beneficial in these cases, as you can be sure that you are installing an extremely resilient material from the start. It is less likely to crack, splinter or wear away with heavy use, meaning less money being spent on costly repairs and replacement.

Who doesn’t like saving money?


Believe it or not, there are various different options that you have to choose from when it comes to finding a slate tile solution.

The two main styles you will come across when looking for slate flooring tiles will be gauged and honed slate.

Gauged slate refers to a slate tile which has a grounded flat base which allows it to sit completely flat on the floor, but keeps the natural texture of the material on the top side. This creates a beautiful, naturally-rugged look which is quite popular with interior design at the moment.

Honed slate tiles are completely flat; both sides have been ground down to remove the natural ridges and texture. This creates a sleek, attractive style which is the more popular of the two styles as furniture can be placed on the tiles without the risk of wobbling on the ridges and bumps of the natural slate texture.


Slate is a completely natural material which means no two slates will look the same. It is formed from a wide range of minerals which give slate a unique texture and colour which make it an incredibly attractive material.

If you are looking to create an all-natural feel in your home, slate should definitely be the first material that you should consider. It can create a strong natural statement piece in any room with very little effort.

At All Slates, we have a huge range of slate styles and colours to choose from. Our selection includes the beautifully colourful Chinese slate as well as our locally sourced Lancashire second hand slates.

For more information on our slates, please contact our dedicated team by calling them on 01829 262 600 where they will be more than happy to help you find the perfect slate for your needs.

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