Should Moss and Lichen Be Removed from a Roof?

There is a common belief that having moss or lichen growing on the roof won’t do any harm because it’s natural and we’re let to believe that everything natural shouldn’t cause a nuisance.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the case with moss or lichen on roof tiles. If anything, having moss and or lichen attaching it to your roof tiles is very likely to shorten the lifespan of your roof if it is left for many years and not dealt with.

Checking for moss or anything else that might be growing on your roof and in your guttering should be part of the regular maintenance checks you should be making on your roof.

Moss can restrict the flow of water from the roof leading to leaks and other problems that can be costly, particularly if your roof is made from slate and the tiles need to be replaced.

Moss can easily be removed from slate and asphalt tiles in a number of ways including a toxic wash. This isn’t going to be great for the environment, however, because it will also be harmful to other plants animals and even us humans if the work isn’t done with care.

Moss can also simply be scraped off if you are able to get onto the roof or better still employ a professional to do it.

Fitting copper wire onto your roof is also a highly effective way to restrict the growth of moss on your roof. This is because the metal leaves a residue on the roof when it reacts with water.

If you have never attempted roof maintenance before it is always better to ask a professional to do the work for you.

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