Should You Fix The Roof Before You Sell Your House?

Depending on the scale of damage to your roof, repairing it before you sell may or may not make financial sense. Here are some points to consider to help you reach a decision on the best course of action.

The first thing to look at when deciding on roof repairs before selling your house is the scale of the damage. If the roof is in a very poor state of repair or has a visible hole or damaged flashing that is causing leaks then not fixing those problems is likely to have a major impact on the eventual selling price.

Your potential buyer will have a survey taken out on your property before they make the final decision to commit funds and if there is damage to the roof, this will need to be factored in. It will also be used to get a further discount so this should also be considered when weighing up the cost of the repair vs the amount of money deducted from the asking price.

However not all damage will cause leaks, some roof damage such as lost tiles will be purely cosmetic and the cost of repairs low in comparison to fitting a new roof or repairing leaks. Fixing minor cosmetic damage is unlikely to cost much and it will make your property look more presentable. This is important if you are trying to sell in competitive market.

Again, the cost of the repair and materials will need to be weighed up against any possible reduction in the asking price. For example, it is possible to resource reclaimed slate tiles rather than buy new, which can reduce the cost of repairing a slate roof.

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