Slate Roofs Add To The Buyer Appeal Of Victorian Homes

Estate agents reveal that Victorian homes are one of the best investments due to a range of features including expensive Welsh Slate roofs.

Have you ever noticed a Victorian house on the market? The chances are you won’t see it for long according to estate agents. According to them, Victorian properties never go out of fashion even if they lack many of the modern features, efficient you will find in new builds today.

It’s easy to understand why Victorian houses are as popular as they are. Many of the features that were a part of Victorian housing more than a century ago are recreated in modern homes such as bay and sash windows and high ceilings.

The problem is new houses with these features are often priced at a premium, so why buy new when there are thousands of Victorian houses dating back to the period on sale at any one time?

Aside from the features, what people love about Victorian houses is the quality of workmanship and materials. Many houses look as robust today as when they were built with their welsh slate roofs still intact, a testament to just how durable these materials are and continue to be.

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