Slate – Sorting The Good From The Bad

Slates are renowned for being the most hardwearing roofing material but this often leads to the misconception that all slates are equal when unfortunately they’re not. As with any material there is good slate and there is bad slate. Fortunately, there are some simple steps you can take to identify the best yourself.

One thing you can’t do is judge slate simply by looking at it. Even slates that look identical and can be very different in their composition. Some can even contain certain minerals that will discolour at the first sign of rainfall or fade over time when they are exposed to the elements. Worse still they might not even be fit for purpose.

The first thing to do when sourcing your slate is to visit a reputable supplier who will be only too happy to give advice. If you want peace of mind then you can always go a step further and look for slate that conforms to CE / EN 12326 standards. This will at least give you an indication of water absorption and thermal cycle resistance.

One way to test the quality of you slate manually is to squeeze a few samples of slate at each end. If there are gaps between where they can move against each other then it may mean that thicknesses vary and the slates are coddled.

If you require more advice on slate for your particular project contact us today or come and visit us.

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