Slate: The Green Choice

Many of us are striving to live a more environmentally-friendly life; with worries about climate change and global warming, it’s perfectly understandable. For those who wish to go a little further than simply remembering to drop your soda bottles in the recycling bin, reclaimed Welsh slate provides a perfect option for the greener home.

All Natural

Slate is a completely natural material; it’s a metamorphic rock, which means it was formed from layers of mud, clay, or volcanic ash and then compressed and heated into its current form.

It also takes very little to transform it into a finished product; just by striking it in the right place, you can break it into smooth flat sheets which are ideal for tiling.

This means that, unlike certain other roofing options, it doesn’t need to be kiln fired, and there are no chemical processes needed, so its environmental impact is limited to the fact that it has to be mined out of the ground.

Carbon Footprint

Although slate production continues at some of the traditional British quarries, including the Penrhyn Quarry in Wales, today most of the new slate used in Europe comes from Spanish quarries. For those who want to maintain a low environmental impact, however, importing slate is far from ideal, as this will add considerably to the carbon footprint of your home. New slate may also not be your first choice, as although it has production benefits over other materials, it’s still making an undoubted impact on the planet to mine it out of the ground.

By reclaiming slate instead, you are not only able to recycle existing materials, but you’re also able to choose something considerably more local than Spain, reducing the carbon expenditure needed to get it to your site.


If you have a low-impact roofing material that needs to be replaced every couple of years, that impact is still going to add up. That’s not a concern with slate, however, as even the softer types of slate will last for years – somewhere between 50 and 125! Harder types of slate can last even longer – just look at the 255-year-old slates on Westminster Hall for proof.

Here at All Slates, we maintain one of the largest stocks of reclaimed slates in the country, so for a roofing material with truly green credentials, just get in touch with us today to talk about your requirements. You can call us on 01829 262 600 to speak to a member of our team.

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