The Beauty of Welsh Slate

Slate is beautiful, there’s no two ways about it. But that said, not all slates are made equal.

Welsh slate is without a doubt one of the most popular slate varieties around, and it’s not easy to see why either.

Want to discover more about the beauty of Welsh slate? Then you’re in luck, as here we’re going to explore the many reasons why when it comes to choosing slates for your roof, you should go Welsh.

A Long History

Welsh slate has a fantastic cultural heritage and forms an integral part of the Welsh landscape. As far back as the Roman times Welsh slate was being used to produce a variety of architectural feats including an array of fantastic Forts. Throughout the centuries its popularity has gone from strength to strength, and today it’s renowned the world over for its reputation as a premier building material.

Strength in Stone

Slates don’t come much better than Welsh slate. This material has been revered for hundreds of years thanks to its inherent natural properties.

Welsh slate stands out among other slate varieties thanks to its incredible durability. If you’re wondering what makes this kind of slate so tough, it’s because Welsh Slate is extremely dense, and possesses a unique geological formation.

All slate starts out as simple mudstone. But over millions of years – under conditions of increased temperature and pressure – the mineral make up of this substance is altered. This causes the grains of platy white mica – a type of mineral – in the stone to become aligned in a perpendicular fashion to the direction of compression.

As a result of this process thin banding begins to develop in the rock, and it’s this banding that allows craftsman to split the slate into sheets. Crucially, Welsh slate derives its superior strength from the fact that the white mica are spaced in a unique fashion. This distinctive spacing also allows Welsh slate to be split more thinly than most other slates, allowing for the production of a lighter slate.

Timeless Beauty

From Buckingham palace to Australia, Welsh slate has been the material of choice for a vast array of projects all over the globe, largely owing to its timeless beauty. This type of slate has an appearance that can be described as nothing short of beautiful and typically varies from traditional greys through to subtle purple and greens. Welsh slate can also possess a diverse range of textures, which is all part of its unique charm.

All in all Welsh slate it not just good slate, it’s the best!

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