The Rich History of Sumptuous Slate Roofing

As dedicated slate suppliers, we take a keen interest in the history and the heritage of the slates that we provide, and it’s an interesting history indeed! From the Welsh quarry workers who first discovered its potential, to the innovations of the industrial revolution which gave us the power to use it on a much wider scale, here is a quick history of the stunning slate roof.

Back to the Beginning

The year is 1287, and the people of North Wales have just discovered a new way to use a fantastic natural resource which is available to them in abundance, and started producing slate which is suitable for both roofing and flooring. They install the first recorded slate roof on Conwy Castle, kick-starting two traditions – the first for roofing castles and other important buildings such as churches with durable and attractive slate tiles (many of which can still be seen on buildings across Europe); the second for a Welsh slate industry which is still going strong today, and boasts some of the best quality slate in the world.

A Revolution in Slate Production

Throughout the late 18th and early 19th century the Industrial Revolution spread across Europe, and with it, it brought new production techniques which allowed slate to reach a far wider market at cheaper prices that were more affordable for everyday buyers. The first slate quarry opened in America and the ‘slate boom’ soon followed, with new methods of production being developed which helped sow the seeds of the slate industry as we know it today.

The Modern Era

Nowadays, slate comes in all shapes and sizes, and can be used for pretty much anything you want – including many different interior design applications such as flooring: it’s not just about the roof anymore! Modern technology means that slate can be created efficiently, keeping the cost down for the buyers, especially with the option to use great value slate from locations such as China, which has recently become a leader in the slate industry.

Although costs are kept down in the modern world of slate, there are still many options for people who want to benefit from luxurious slate which has that extra little something special, and Wales remains a world specialist in creating slates that are simply too good to ignore.

Watertight and fireproof, it’s no wonder that slate has come so far since its humble beginnings! We’re pleased to stock a range of different slates perfect for every need, so contact us today online or at 01829 262 600 with all your slate needs.

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